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I don't know what to say to those that think this is hard. Do they not know how to talk to people or is it you don't read much into what to do at the locations that give you practically only one option. IT IS EASY

Good things are gonna come out of this game

I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT FOR THE 50 FREAKING BOATS. Anyways good game. A little boring in my own opinion as I don't like tap games or waiting games like this unless it has events that unlock and not just achievements. Thanks for taking your time to create this. Although I, myself, don't find interest in this game, I see many who do in the comments.

Hmm.... Overall it was good, but it more of a movie than a game. You only had to make three choices.

I mean no offense to the authors/creators of this, but the remake of this seemed to be more of a game than the original (This game). It has the same plot and such but I don't care for the animations, it was acceptable on both versions of it.

Because of the lack of game like factors, besides the three chances of a choice, I give it a 3.5.
I didn't mean to be rude in anyway, so if you took offense to my comment, I am deeply sorry. Thank you for creating this game, I'll be sure to play the rest of the series.

I'm still new to Newgrounds so I don't know of the original version of this. I cant seem to get the medals, "My Fridays Best" and "Lost Hope". For this to be a remake, the original must be as good (Or better, no offense, I don't know)

I been click everywhere and can't find the puzzle. I went back down to show off the tie but that didn't work so I tried to show it off the the other guess, that didn't work either, then I didn't talk to him after I left at the cliffhanger so I could start over but he says the same thing when I did talk to him. I just don't get it.

I really enjoyed the game though I would love those medals... Thanks for making this remake, I'm going to try the original now since I want to know what it was based on. I give it 4.5 stars because I saw you wouldn't make the rest of them (you don't have to don't worry and make them) and I wouldn't know of the remake series of this. I'll just have to see the originals so I don't hate it that much. At least there is a continue of this to see.

Noodle responds:

It's odd that you would assume the original is better?

I am going to make some slight changes to make the puzzle a little easier, and the ending more obvious. I hope you enjoy playing through the rest of the existing series.

"I love Balloons!"
"Pay Day"
"Together Forever."
"I Love Freddy."
"The Ugly Truth."

If that's all of them, I got'em. Wonderful game you have here even if it turned out as a joke. The animations are great considering what you have to compete with on Newgrounds, I'm not meaning that to an insult of other dating sims, just my personal opinion. I believe you stopped it at the right time. I wouldn't want to be walking around forever. I think its great. Keep up the good work.

I give 4 out of 5. Your game is entertaining but It's not to my specific liking, if it was, I would have given you a 5. I'm not down grading this game, just me and my preferences don't allow me to. I'm sure a lot like this game and gave it a 5. Now I'm just babbling on uselessly trying not to sound mean on here. HA~ Bye before I start on my personal life too.

Hmmm, I think I found a bug or something? I have reached day 216, I thought it was weird because I don't remeber even going past a hundred days so I reread the games description and decided you should probably know this. I don't know what brought it on but I'm continuing past day 100.

So far its a really great game. It sometimes hard to build up relationships in my opinion but thats probably only me. Thanks for the variety of girls instead of just one. I enjoy we can't go to the sex scenes right away, it gives it more debth than other adult games.

People who want a challenge would love this game. I love a challenge but not so much I will keep trying for hours. My star rating is not saying it is bad at all. It's really good. I just have my preferences and you have yours.

For the sex scenes, maybe give more options and positions that you can choose from. That's all I think. This is a great game you made. I may later look into your other works.

Love the game, though I can't get the H ending because I didn't think those simple things were important but you proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the game, could be one of my favorites if it was finished. I'm not saying that It's not because I'm looking forward to the full version.

Why is she mad at me? Did I do something to her before I woke up in the time capsule? I'll figure it out with the edits to this game.

I kinda dislike that she is not part of the ones you can choose to be with but it's fine. In the full game she will be or friends is the best it can go?

Aw, I don't care, this is a great game that has a lot of potiential if you steer it in the right direction. I can't wait till its full. Thats the only reason it's not a five star, because it's not a full game so don't be sad about that. When Its all here, I'll give you a whole five because that is what this deserves.

So far it can only go in one diretion, somehow if you change that it would be great, I'm sure you already knew that but I just felt the need to say it.

TaifunRiders responds:

Amazing review! :)
This game, as we saidin our blog, it's not a just click-to-sex game.We want to make something different. In next updates and in the full game for sure, you will understand many things.
Alison is the main female character, so for example, she's more important than Roselyn.
I can't tell you more :)

This Is a great game. Very interactive, well to me. You dont make it too easy nor too hard. Not many games like this are like that.
I dont know how to get the best score so ill definiatly try again sometime soon.
Its 4.5 stars is because we cant break into the masion but thats doesnt stp the game from being great. Its really addicting. If you make or made anouther game like this I'll definatly play it.

AGRGames responds:

Thanks for your comments. When time permits I plan to make more games like this.

So far I have completed Duke's ending. When I saw the last picture, i sudenly felt a loss, betrayl. The fantasy of his backstory came to as a political mariage. Maybe he truly did like her, for gods sake
*Spoiler* he offered to pay for her classes. When I saw those roses, When i saw those roses... *Spoiler over*
White's ending. Very humble. It gave me the feeling of loss and peace. Over all I really enjoyed it.
I cried. Jockers endng I just cried. i was starting to think he was the other version of herself, but that was thrown out the widow when i saw the piano boy. Thats when pieces fell together.

Man I love this story. Wonderful. Sadly, i kept getting killed because i usually move my mouse and click really fast so when going to my room i would often go to the living room or dining room.

So I'm obviously a human but that doesn't mean that I have to tell you guys about me.


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